Wellness Consultant
  •  Mental Health Support Worker
  •  Assist children, youth and adults with trauma, grief, anxiety, stress,  addictions, domestic violence and health issues.
  • Amanda offers wellness care packages designed to suit individuals or groups.  Her work supports you to find practical ways to reach your goals and create sustainable change for a better future.
  • Sessions and consultations are confidential, non-judgemental and are conducted in a caring, compassionate manner, by building trust and rapport to make positive changes.
  • Intuitive Hawaiian Masseuse
  • Body Balance and alignment
  • Mindset is everything….fun activities.
  • Hair Dressing Makeovers, Self- Confidence consultations
  • Positive Affirmations – Vision Boards – Goals
  • Home Makeovers – Organising a healthy home space/ de-cluttering.
  • Mindfulness Workshops
  • Art Therapy ,Candle Making and finding your passion.
  • Be Inspired Day Workshops
  • Healthy Food, Healthy Body/ Mind and Soul… taking steps to transform


My work as an intuitive masseuse and wellness coach I help clients fast track to remove blockages to free your body from physical, mental or emotional pain.

Experiencing one of my treatments is unique to everyone, the sessions are always indulgent, and leave you with a zest of energy, clarity and calm.

  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Amanda Scott- Be Inspired Massage and Consultations
  • Art Therapy Consultations
  • Reiki Balance


I inspire clients in our workshops to take action by sharing enthusiasm and my passion to believe in yourself and start creating.

  • Are you prepared to delve deep and really clear the pathway?
  • Have you wanted to discover your passion?
  • Does your career fulfill your happiness? Are you being supported?
  • Would you like to attract loving friendships and relationships?
  • Do you lack motivation?
  • Are you overwhelmed with life challenges?
  • Are you being respected and appreciated?
  • Do you feel your worthy of so much more?



Amanda conducts private one-on-one wellness coaching so you can receive her eager support, care and guidance anywhere in the world. To feel inspired to open up emotionally and creatively by being courageous to take action to wellness.

One on One Consultations

Each client that I have ever worked with was in need of something different. Something that works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next.

Only once we chat and I hear your story through our consultation will I know a most suitable pathway to help you reach your desired goa


I Believe

I have witnessed transformations over the last 10 years of my work, by Inspiring clients through adversity. The key I discovered to all peace and balance is forgiveness … self love and really believing in yourself and healing from old unconscious patterns. By surrounding yourself with a supportive, positive network, you will see more rapid change for the better. My techniques are unique and individual to every client, no session is the same.

You’re important you deserve better! You can do this!

Wondering if you can ever find peace, love and happiness?

Lets work together let me “Inspire You” to fast track your dreams.

To live the life you envisage! 

Love AS x

Do you have any other questions? Please feel free to get in touch
I am here to support.

If you are interested in  my workshops and private sessions please book in.