Organic clothing stands out the bamboo fabrics make an enormous difference and the benefits are worth reviewing.

The advantages of wearing this makes sense, a distinct one being free from harsh toxic chemicals.

The differences in texture, material and origins of the fibers, overall enhance the comfortable, soft feel on the skin, unlike other fabrics that may irritate, be sensitive or have allergic reactions to skin types.


Bamboo fiber has a unique structure that protects against harsh UV Rays, by using bamboo fabrics you protect your skin and children’s skin and reduce the risks of skin cancer,

through-out our hot summer months… Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier.


Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool – a more soft and luxurious feel. .





Many clothing materials are crafted using chemical and materials that are eco-destructive.

With the implementation of bamboo and organic products the benefits to our farmers would be far greater to earn more, by reducing the loans for pesticides and fertilizers.

By moving forward eliminating chemicals and eco-changing processes.


“The fabric obtained from bamboo is going through an environment friendly process of creation” (need to have source for quote and name courtesy of …)



The durability of bamboo woven fabric is soft, breathable, smoothest to wear next to your skin, it has the distinct advantage of wicking away moisture better than other cotton or many synthetic fabrics that comes from a quick growing plant, which means its sustainable, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic.  Subsequently allowing some anti-bacterial odor resistant qualities and of course an eco-friendly product which must put a smile on our faces when wearing, knowing we are contributing to help save our planet by owning and wearing a bio-degradable product.


It’s not only environment friendly, but its good for your body too and healthy for everyone in the process of creation.



Natural – Anti-Bacterial – Sustainable –  Soft  –

Eco-Friendly-  Bio-Degradable


Amanda Scott

but how does it protect its, what does bamboo have that stops uv better than say a cotten shirt…(I haven’t been burnt whilst wearing any shirt?  need to differentiate as I think that is just a marketing thing like the word natural or organic.


I’m sure it does protect but how… and how is it better than a cotten shirt for uv.

how is it better, what after the key differences between normal