Make your home into a vibrant one by upturning it’s aesthetic quality

What do we mean by this? There’s a difference between an untidy nest for a few days and being untidy for a month. Your home may become untidy for a number of reasons like your children are unwell, work has become hectic or you’re affected by a life crisis. In such moments, when frustration hits you, keeping your home organized can help.

The Feng Shui, harmonising the surrounding environment of the home feels great and a sense of calm is present. It was just one of those crazy weeks.

Normally, you can let go of old furniture, or possibly recycle with a new coat of paint, clear out the wardrobes each season to give garments to a friend, sell online to make some money, or donate to a local charity. Moving furniture excites you, keeping your home space bright and well lit. Have a touch of greenery, fresh flowers or fragrant smelling candles, or natural oil diffusers to create a calming ambiance.

When you do this to your home, the ambiance flows through to your family; your work life has more productivity, your attitude is positive, and you feel in your zone balanced and awesome.

The psychology of moving and de-cluttering can be emotional to many, with persistent difficulty discarding and parting with possessions, regardless of there value. You may find this familiar? Some insistent when afflicted to save items or experience distress when associated with discarding items.

The result a congestion of accumulated possessions cluttering active living areas, and compiling their substantial intended use.

Nevertheless, hoarding is widely acknowledged as stemming from a number of factors, from compulsivity, and unacknowledged trauma, to professional necessity and those who can’t let go of. As sentimental or seeming creative value.

We may carry patterns from our family of hoarding, we can all choose to let go to free up our space. Some family heirlooms can be too precious which is understandable.

Emotionally we may find it too hard to let go, if this is the case, slowly by letting go of one item a day over six months, I guarantee will make a difference.

It will allow new creativity, ideas, and spontaneity in.

I am passionate about this topic as I have from my own personal experience felt the lightness, freedom of not being attached to material things. Surrendering households of items numerous times, as I reflect now. I can see all the blessings and new opportunities of enchantment it delivered along the way.

By deeply having more appreciation for simpler things, it enabled my core values to change for the better.

You may reflect kindness, and it may change your perspective to give back and connect with people on a new level the reward comes back tenfold. The power of giving without expectation can be rewarding, extremely humbling, emanating a deeper inner peace.

I’ve seen the same with some close friends and watched their journey over 10 years, their careers, personal lives and creative growth have been profound.

They haven’t had the extra weight of holding on to old stagnant energy, old relationship memorabilia, paperwork from years back, clothes are never worn for years and the list goes on. It enabled them to fulfill more of there real internal passions, dreams and shifted through the freeing feeling of out with the old in with the new.

Some like the showiness or feeling they have to keep up with the Jones’s… that’s all great… As long as its fulfilling you and brings you joy and happiness and you have balance and a feeling of purpose and passion. Sometimes it may leave a void like it dod me once upon a time. Shopping and fancy homes just didn’t cut it any longer, my soul required more fulfillment. I will elaborate more on this topic another day.

Back to de-cluttering… try and have a clean out, I’ll clear my computer, old phone numbers, definitely any old letters and photos that don’t serve you moving forward.

Make a start… let me know how you go. Shoot me an email, if you need any support or motivation to get started. We can chat online through my website if you would prefer. |

Much Love

Amanda Scott