How do DoTerra Oils make a difference to wellness

Plants and herbs have been used for over thousands of years in various cultures to address medical and health concerns. When you have flowers and plants around, youfeel a sense of freshness and calm. What if we tell you that you can enhance your wellness through such an age-old, natural, and chemical-free technique? Essential oils like DoTerra oils can help you live a healthier life without relying on harmful chemicals. Read on to find out how.


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DoTerra Essential Oils

When you walk through a field of flowers taking in their beautiful fragrance or you squeeze herbs to apply its juice on your skin, you are enjoying the benefits of essential oils.

Essential oils use range from aromatherapy and wellness programs like Reiki, in natural medicinal treatments, and even for household cleaning. These beneficial oils are extracted through the process of distillation – using steam to separate oil and water-based compounds of a plant.The process needs to be carried out with caution as poor distillation can rid the oil of all the essential properties of the plant.DoTerra understands that every plant requires different temperatures, pressures, and times. Its distillation process ensures that its oils possess all essential healing compounds to benefit its users.

How DoTerra Essential Oils Benefit Your Wellness?

Every plant and herb has its own healing properties. A drop of essential oil or simply smelling them can bestow you with various benefits. From beauty to relaxation DoTerra offers a range of essential oils to suit every purpose.

Here’s how DoTerra Oils can help enhance your health and well being:

Promotes relaxation

Essential oils can promote relaxation, which is a growing demand of hectic lifestyles. Plants like lavender and chamomile have relaxing properties. Rubbing these essential oils on your palms or adding them to baths can relax and rejuvenate you from a stressful day. Many essential oils can even help relieve troubles like insomnia and depression. Many professionals also use these natural oils to promote wellness during aromatherapy, massage therapy, and reiki sessions.

Enhances your beauty

Acne, wrinkles, and such beauty problems are common results of an unhealthy lifestyle. And, chemical-laden products do no good in treating them. Using natural, essential oils like jasmine, grapefruit, sandalwood, lavender, tea tree, and more can enhance your skin, hair, and beauty. Not only do they make you feel good but also make you look good. Look young naturally with essential oils.

Cures health conditions

Essential oils have beneficial medicinal properties. Many people recommend chamomile during fever or peppermint to get rid of headaches. Essential oils based on certain herbs and plants can cure everything from migraine headaches and cough and cold to burns and digestion issues. Some essential oils can be added to your diet to benefit you from within.

Whether you want to get rid of beauty problems or need a stress buster, adding essential oils to your routine can do wonders. Alternatively, you can go for natural healing techniques like Reiki. Feel free to leave an email or connect with me to heal from within.