One De‐Clutter Project I recently worked on was a DIY Project for Peter and Laura in Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast. A stunning place to arrive to. Their home was amongst a tropical rainforest, their touch of heaven with wildlife and nature’s tranquillity.

They longed to feel motivated and inspired by changing their home setup.

Sometimes the enormity of knowing where to start is daunting. It was by chance, one evening after talking it over while hubby was away, that we began with the laundry. Within an hour, the difference was incredible. We resurrected an antique, small, worn, mint-coloured cupboard out in the back shed. We were on the road to some clarity; my client was motivated and began to envision how their home could be. Laura was surprised at the difference it made. I received a phone call the next morning to keep going and I was there in a heartbeat, me the eager beaver. Awesome! A new makeover! I knew this was going to be fun. I was in my element. Laura was my friend for over ten years and it was my pleasure to help and assist her.

The funniest thing we discovered was that Peter was an Electrical Hoarder and Laura a Home Magazine Hoarder with years of Good Taste Magazines.

Day 1 ‐Was enormous! We had boxes and piles of paperwork to sort through.

Day 2 ‐When I arrived Laura was ironing her tea towels, laughing in exhaustion by being overwhelmed with the work ahead. We started with a tea, and put an action plan in place, bringing the momentum back we were once again on a role, discovering years of old paperwork, ex-partners old furniture, pieces that no longer were necessary to have around. Even a damaged clown toy from childhood that Laura bravely let go of, which initially can be big for some people, we remained focused on our goal.

 “Sometimes you don’t know where to start and you need help. Having a team makes the task much more fun.“

Designing and creating a huge surprise for Peter and Laura was exciting. Lara still felt a little uncertain about how well it may be received, so we were quietly keeping our fingers crossed since Peter was interstate. Hubby was utilizing a small space on the dining table for his office space. We managed to create a new study for Peter’s work retreat, by transforming the spare room and replacing the bed with a sofa bed for guests.

As we re-organised furniture pieces, rearranged and re-energised the home, discovered plants that would look great inside, and recycled fabric to tidy a cupboard, good tunes playing in the background. I, for one, was feeling motivated and impressed with Laura for allowing the intimacy of this profound gesture of offering me to create a new space with trust and non-judgment. Emphasizing the beautiful country cottage and solid timber pieces, we crafted a warm and a new ambiance to their home.

With a last-minute, late-night shopping purchase of three containers, for organizing a few items, and a few candles that cost $28, we had a complete home makeover within 2.5 days.

Not long after I received a text message stating, Laura felt motivated to transform her pantry, and paint her front door vibrant orange, and mentioned  of their new career goals, Peter wanting to change from a corporate role after travelling interstate working 24 hour days with deadlines, living out of a suitcase, feeling depleted and burnt out. Knowing he had nothing more to give and discovered his real passion would be to work outdoors.

Laura had worked in a conveyance firm under a lot of pressure for 10 years being undervalued.  And could see hubby going deep within, and not being himself.

Laura wanted nothing more than to start her business hobby to follow her creative passion, her love for plants, recycling, and permaculture.

The new home de-clutter had opened new ideas for goals to manifest!  Along with visits to there chiro and business coach, and AS consult, massage sessions and courage to take action that change was required.

Six months later… Peter resigned from his IT position of 14 years, to buy his own franchise business. Positive vibes create positive outcomes.

12 months along Laura resigned from her conveyances position after 10 years to join hubby Peter in there new franchise business.

I was amazed seeing them both and witnessing the 360-degree change, they’ve started Pilates and exuberate happiness and complete joy and freedom doing what they love. Its physical work, yet rewarding the connectedness as a couple again is inspiring.

Its been a huge transformation for both of them, and I commend them on the courage, persistence to follow their dreams.

“You can do it! You have the power to feel inspired! One step at a time we can all create the harmony we do desire!”


By  Amanda Scott