I’m glad you’re interested in me, so strap in for my story.

I can assisit you

My Beginnings

I grew up in Adelaide and moved to the Gold Coast when I was a teenager. As a kid, I was a big fan of basketball, and loved hairdressing. When it came to choosing a career path, I dove into the hairdressing industry and explored my creativity.

The Transition

I discovered reiki, yoga and meditation to help me overcome life’s challenges. These techniques helped me take a close look at my experiences. With a fresh perspective, I learnt valuable lessons from them. Today, I am grateful for what I’ve learned and I can say, “Life’s a wonderful journey.”
It took me years to understand life and its teachings. I learned to not let struggles and disruptions worry me – you can’t avoid them. But, you can always change your perspective toward them. I’ve grown to be more honest with myself and others and I always tell it as it is.

As a person, I began transforming into someone who looked out for others and
helped them with the knowledge I had gained.

Here I am

“I’ve truly witnessed profound transformations in the lives of people I’ve met.”
With such experiences emerged an authentic self and contagious enthusiasm, and a desire to support people through their difficult times. People feel at ease with me and open up to me easily. I am something to reflect from and that enables me to help others. I offer one-on- one sessions, workshops and online courses. All of them are created and designed to help people. To allow them to change their life path onto a better one, to the one they keep dreaming of, but never reach.
I know you may have heard this before – You deserve the best in life and it’s just waiting to be taken. I believe in this and I am eager to help people achieve it.