What should you know about me?

Hi, I’m Amanda Scott!

Life is brimming with opportunities and I believe you just have to reach out and grab on. Yet, it can’t be that easy, right? There are lessons waiting
to be learnt always around the corner and I’ve had my fair share.

Each one of my personal and business experiences has enriched me with wisdom and made me who
I am today. I have a belief that life is a beautiful book full of lessons waiting to be learnt and I am a student always expanding my growth, being true to my heart, and searching for new experiences.

A deeply spiritual person, I want to help people live a fulfilling life. I believe that
sharing helps you heal and makes you a better person. I want to form strong connections with people and help them overcome their life’s challenges.

Life is an amazing journey full of offerings and I want to guide people towards embracing this
gift called life! People should feel amazing in the life we’re living because they deserve to and because this life has so much to offer.


What I offer

Everyone is in need of help to overcome the challenges presented to us. I help by offering you a selected few courses. These courses are open to everyone and anyone. The only caveat I have is that you are willing and ready to Be Inspired. I
want to inspire my clients; I want to imbibe them with a positive attitude towards life.
What I offer is Reiki, Be Inspired Workshops and Extensive 12 week courses. No two workshops are the same. My workshops and courses are organic and allow you to discover and empower yourself.
We are all looking for a way to overcome the fear that stops us from growing. Loving and believing in yourself and having a supportive network is the cure to help you heal from within. I specially offer one-on- one sessions to give you the opportunity to dive
deep into your life and discover those crucial moments that have shaped your life.
These are moments that made you who you are.

You are like a budding flower, waiting for the layers to be peeled away so you can blossom. We peel away the layers that bind you together to transform your life. And, if you are looking for more flexible and remote options, you can access my online courses.

When you reach out to me, I build a deep bond that let’s me to help you grow, heal and be inspired.

I can guide you towards living a life you always dreamt of.


What my clients are saying

Amanda offers a positive and peaceful environment in which to escape the 'rat race' of life for a moment of utter relaxation and rejuvenation. I can speak from experience I have been having nurturing and deeply relaxing massages by Amanda for numerous years and more recently my children (12 and 7) and I have had the joy of attending a creative workshop facilitated by Amanda. No matter which type of service you indulge with Amanda you can always be assured it is well worth the time and money invested and will leave you feeling balanced and completely rejuvenated, ready to take on the challenges you most desire.
Alison Testimonial for Amanda Scott
Alison Russell
I would like to thank Amanda for a wonderful Reiki workshop I participated in recently. It was a wonderful experience, very memorable with excellent tuition from Amanda. Her love for her healing work and her kindness and compassion are heartfelt. Thank you so much Amanda, I look forward to continuing my lessons and participating in other workshops you hold in the future. Kind regards, Vicki Rablin
Vicki Rablin Testimonial for Amanda Scott
Vicki Rablin
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